Me-O Persian Dry Food (Anti Hairball吐毛配方) 1.2kg


預防尿石,下尿道疾病感染配方 牛磺酸: 改善視力 維生素C: 增強抵抗力,減低環境的壓力 鈣, 磷 : 骨骼發育及牙齒健康 Omega 3 & 6 : 必需脂肪酸可維持皮膚的健康及毛髮柔韌光 澤 低鈉鹽: 減低高血壓的風險、腎臓以及心臟病、預防尿石 草本配方: 甜菜頭草本,令毛球經過消化系統排出



適合 : 適合1歲以上波斯貓、或長毛貓食用


  • 波斯貓擁有長長的毛髮,容易透過自己清潔時形成毛球問題。
  • 糧內含有特別纖維,能不斷地促進毛球安全地通過消化道,從而減低因毛球形成,而產生的消化系統問題,保持健康。
  • 細粒星星形設計,令面部較扁的貓貓更易咀嚼,口感極佳。
  • 特別研發配方有助預防貓貓尿道感染和結石問題,低鹽成份,內含Omega3/6、牛磺酸等,令貓貓皮毛有光澤而且柔軟,亦可增強視力、抵抗力。 。
  • 糧粒大小約0.6CM 星星形狀。


    Me-O Persian Dry Food (Anti Hairball).
    Selling Points:
    • Formula-clogged hair lump Persian cats with long fur coat when they lick themselves clean. May have trouble swallowing the hair. And mass transport intestinal obstruction O Persian cat foods are foods that help reduce such problems. When the cat was eating a cat’s fur Persian lump that clogs the digestive tract of the cat. Are excreted along with feces during excretion. It does not cause any problems. The digestive tract of cats.
    • FLUTD formula developed To prevent and reduce the risk of urinary tract stones in the bottom of the cat.
    • A mixture of flax Weed (Flax Seed) lecithin fish oil and chicken oil nourishes the hair healthy, shiny and strong.
    • A mixture of amino acids that nourish the eye. Bright eyes And enhance the visibility of the cat and clear.
    • A mixture of beet pulp (Beet pulp), which is a source of fiber, which helps keep the digestive system of the cat better.


重量 1.5 公斤



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